Jesus Praying in the Garden   

     Do you know someone who would appreciate a painting of Jesus at no cost and free shipping? All you have to do is provide your request below. 
    I never charge for this framed painting I do of Jesus praying in the garden. I suffered a brain injury falling down the stairs and was in a coma for two weeks & hospital for 2 months. 5 doctors said it was a miracle I lived. Painting helps my handicapped condition. It's my way of saying thank you God for the miracle. I am retired and  I need help giving away the fifty I did last year.
    It is free art that is in a 5 by 7 inch frame that can be placed on a mantel or a wall display.  If  you know someone who would like it, then fill out the form below and I will mail it to you at no cost or obligation.     
    I gave one to a friend who just had chemo and it meant a lot. I gave it to several senior citizens at a nursing home and they loved it.   There are a lot of people in need of this little gift and sharing Jesus this way is kind. It takes me 4 days to do one and it's not a print or copied photo. 
   CONTACT ME below if you want some and I will mail them free.
No money ever accepted and no gimmicks. If you want to give them away in a church, I can send up to 20 at no cost. Please help me find some homes for my gift.  
 Don Gault
  Free Jesus Art

Contact Me below if you want the  free Jesus painting  and it will be mailed free to your address. Tell me how many?

          Free painting on canvas- not prints.



      Text me at 508-315-2232. We are not a business!

    Here is a separate one I have  done for any  church that will request it. It's a copy of the last supper. It's free, but there is a small shipping cost on this one. It's 3 by 5 feet and I'm in 6 churches now.  I have only one available.  It's only $20. to ship USA only. 


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